The First Steps to Getting Out of Debt

Debt typically sneaks up on you. After all, very few people get into debt with their eyes wide open. It is generally a misunderstanding of your current situation as well as your purchasing habits that can cause you trouble. Much like a similar road, the path to debt is often paved with good intentions.Continue Reading

Getting More Time: How to File a Federal Tax Extension

A federal tax extension is sometimes a necessity. The new year sometimes slips away, and before people know it April is here and the tax deadline is quickly approaching. Many people panic, they scramble to gather up their W2’s and head off to get their taxes done. Some people rush it, some people make mistakes, all to just get those forms in before the clock strikes midnight and the deadline is here. But, there is a way to ease that last minute panic, and frustration. People can file a Federal Tax Extension, and it’s actually quite simple.Continue Reading

Online Dating: Paid VS Free Services

Online dating used to be viewed as something only used by the truly desperate. It was thought that such websites were set up only for those who had no way of getting a date in the real world. This is no longer the case though. As it happens, many relationships (perhaps as many as 20%) are being initiated online. The question that many are left asking now is what they should do in terms of using either a paid online service or a free one. Continue Reading

10 highest-paying jobs in the oil and gas sector

The prices of oil have been stumbling for several months now mainly due to the increase of supply coming from the U.S. (up by 4m barrels a day since 2009). The glut of oil in America led to the plummeting of oil imports in the country, contributing to a surplus in the world market.Continue Reading

Ladies, Listen: Cheaper Alternatives to Your Favorite Makeup Products

Hey makeup lovers! Listen to these fantastic alternatives to your favorite makeup products. These products are cheaper than the big named brands, so lucky ladies can save a lot of money while still looking fabulous. Continue Reading