Driving Finance: Getting A Car For Cheap

Finding a car for cheap can often be an easy task when you know the best places to search. If quality is not an issue, then often the lowest price option will suffice. However, there are certain details that a buyer should know before making a purchase. This includes safety aspects, maintenance issues, and an assortment of other concerns. Review a few options that offer a way to get a car for cheap. Continue Reading

Keeping Cool: Reducing Summer Cooling Costs

The scorching heat of summer is unbearable for most. Depending on where a person lives, this can factor a great deal into the temperatures and the amount of air conditioning needed. Most areas do require some sort of AC to keep the home at a great temperature and all the inhabitants comfortable. So many people think that turning their thermostat all the way down will miraculously cool their home. The more the unit runs, the more it costs. A unit that is constantly running can be counterproductive and actually cause maintenance issues. There is a way to beat the hit without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to ensure that a family can cut the cooling costs. Continue Reading

A Helping Hand: Tips on Donating to Charity

There are a variety of different charities that require individuals and for profit businesses to lend a helping hand. Some people have favorite charities, while others do not. In any case, it is always good to give back whenever possible.Continue Reading

School Shopping: Sending Your Kids Back for Less

With the still struggling economy, more and more people are being more and more careful as to how much money they spend and on what. Some parents go all out and buy their kids designer clothes to make them stand out from the rest of the students, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the less is more theory. People on a fixed income are not able to shop at the high end fashion stores for their kids back to school clothes, so they will go to second hand and thrift stores, and sometimes even garage sales in search for clothes that have enough wear in them to last through one season, if not the entire school year. Continue Reading

Dearly Departed: Financing After a Tragic Death in the Family

“Dearly departed” are the words that no one wants to hear but is a reality that every one should expect to hear at some point in their life. If a family has taken the time to plan for the unexpected passing of a loved one or family member, the burden of what to do next in relation to finances does not need to be as difficult. Many individuals face the prospects of an uncertain future after a loved one has passed away. This is particularly the case when the person who has passed is the one who was responsible for handling the household or family finances. After a tragic loss, the finances may be changed completely as one income earner is no longer alive and that person’s source of income may not be counted upon to assist in the family finances. Continue Reading