Balance Transfers: What You Need to Know

As with anything in life there are pros and cons and with balance transfers: what you need to know is there are no exceptions to this rule. The good thing about balance transfers is it saves him or her ton of money in interest charges. If he or she can find a credit card offering zero percent, these offers are especially beneficial to the consumers who are paying a high to moderate interest rate on their current credit card. Continue Reading

10 Good Careers That Don’t Require a Degree

Many professional careers require additional schooling after high school graduation. Jobs such as doctors, lawyers, and teachers require additional schooling to be able to enter the profession. These are well paying, highly sought after jobs. Alternatively, here are 10 Good Careers That Don’t Require a Degree. Continue Reading

IRS Audit Warning Signs (And How to Avoid Them)

Because of technological advancements in the detection systems of IRS, detecting red flags has become easier for the IRS and this has led to increasing number of audits. It starts with a letter asking for more information and might also involve an in-person meeting with an official. There isn’t any cause of worry for taxpayers who maintain proper paperwork and can logically defend their filings. However, an audit can still be triggered and if these IRS audit warning signs are kept in mind, it would be easier to deal with the follow up –Continue Reading

Business Protection: How To Legally Protect Your Business

Owning a business and being one’s own boss is the dream of thousands of people the world over. Once someone achieves that dream though it’s important to protect it. That said, there are several methods business owners have at their disposal to legally protect a business.Continue Reading

Too Good To Be True: Red Flags While Making a Deal or Contract

There are a variety of different professions that typically use contracts to hire their employees. Professional workers such as teachers, government workers, athletes, engineers and entertainers are typically hired through the use of contracts. More often than not contracts are not designed to benefit a worker or artist. They are made to benefit the person or organization that created them. While there is nothing wrong with drafting a contract in this way; workers and artists should pay attention to the red flags while making a deal or contract.Continue Reading