Deferred Compensation: What You Should Know

There are a lot of questions concerning deferred compensation and how it works. It is important to understand this concept due to the fact that it can play a big part in your financial future. Deferred compensation is a method by which an individual is payed a sum of monetary compensation at a later date than would normally be applied. This includes programs such as pensions, stock options, and retirement plans just to name a few. Continue Reading

How to Give Money to Make Money in the Business World

When it comes to how to give money to make money in the business world, there are a few keys that will help people master this art. These keys are very simple, and they are for everyone. Continue Reading

Peer-to-Peer Lending: What You Need to Know

Peer-to-peer lending, which is commonly referred to as P2P lending or simply P2P, is the process of lending money to “peers” through an online lending website instead of going through a bank or other traditional financial institute. Online lending websites each have their own lending platforms and credit checking tools. Getting started with peer-to-peer lending can be confusing, so here are a few things you will need to know as a lender. Continue Reading

Fact or Fiction: Truths About Layaway Plans

Often the subject of layaway plans is only discussed during the holiday season. In recent years, credit availability was at an all-time high and purchasing items through layaway plans became passé. However, with the recent economic downturn, many companies instituted layaway policies back into their normal store operations. Because of this, many people that would not be able to afford purchases could use layaway plans to pay for an item in its entirety before being allowed to take possession of the item. In addition, layaway plans vary from store to store, and they also require placing a down payment that ranges from varying percentages. This means that before a customer relents their cash, the details of the layaway plan should be completely understood in their entireties including any restocking fees that will be required if the plan is not completed and the customer receives a refund. Continue Reading

Benefits VS Pay: Which Should You Look For While Job Hunting

Wages and benefits are the primary two things that are looked at when job hunting, however you are going to a small entry level job the benefits may be little to none. The main people, who are lucky enough to have benefits, are the salaried employees or sometimes if you work 30 to 35 hours a week. Unfortunately, most employers don’t have their employees work over a certain number of hours so they cannot get their benefits. When you look for a job, you should try to find one that offers great pay along with some good benefits that you can have. Some corporations are gracious and automatically give you benefits after a certain probational period.Continue Reading