Many professional careers require additional schooling after high school graduation. Jobs such as doctors, lawyers, and teachers require additional schooling to be able to enter the profession. These are well paying, highly sought after jobs. Alternatively, here are 10 Good Careers That Don’t Require a Degree.

Web Developer 
There are no requirements for degrees to get a job developing web sites and web applications. There are a number of developers who are self-taught. Other developers work for a business, consult businesses, or freelance their work. The median salary is $75,660 for this type of work.

Communications Equipment Mechanic 

A qualified applicant for this job can expect a median salary of $54,710. The applicants can be self taught, work for an existing company, or freelance for these jobs of repairing computers, telephones, and other communication devices.

Another example of Good Careers That Don’t Require a Degree is an electrician. There are licensing requirements and state laws to follow that each individual state issues. All electricians follow the National Electric Code, which categorizes electricians in one of three classes; apprentice trainee, journeyman, and master. The median salary for this career is $48,250.

Paralegal Assistant 
There is not a college degree requirement for this career, but there are programs to complete in order to take a Certified Paralegal Exam. These programs include a number of choices of different programs and classroom degrees one can obtain. The expected median salary is $46,680.

This career requires no certification or degree on the federal law level. Each state has its own individual requirements and regulations for on-the-job training, certification, licensing, insurance, and testing. The median salary for this type of work is $46,600.

Industrial Machine Repairer 
With a median salary of $44,160, industrial mechanics are sought after professionals. There are no laws regulating this career and most employers base a mechanics pay on their experience and knowledge.

This is one of the Good Careers That Don’t Require a Degree. There is a four-year apprenticeship to join a local glass workers union. This includes on-the-job training and additional schooling. Other categories of glazer include journeyman and combo glazier. The median salary for this job is a respectable $36,640.

Automobile Body Repairer 
There are no college requirements for this type of career. Many body shops will hire novice workers and pay for additional schooling that is specific to their type of repair work. Most knowledge of this job comes from on-the-job experience. The median salary that one can expect is $34,660.

Administrative/Executive Assistant 
There are no requirements for this position although many employers may ask for one. There are no federal or state laws governing the need for licensing. The median salary for this career is $34,660.

This career of recording and tracking daily monetary amounts in ledgers does not require a college degree. There are classes that one can take, but none is required. The median salary for this position is $34,040.