When people mention consumerism, they are referring to an adherence to consume large amounts of products and services. People tend to spend more on goods excessively. They buy more goods than what they need. Some sectors of society blame this attachment to commercialism.

Individuals of all ages are prone to this habit. They cannot refuse the temptation to purchase goods. This often leads to problems with debt. Here are some simple ways to resist consumerism:

Avoiding Media

The media is one of the culprits of consumerism. Glossy magazines tend to present luxury goods as a normal thing for everyday people. This is not even close to reality.

TV programs that depict the good life are geared to make their viewers desire to live it. They extol on extravagant and glamorous living. The commercials likewise advertise opulent goods as if it is just an ordinary thing to buy.
The Internet is still one big venue for consumerism. People can resist consumerism by avoiding media. As much as possible, people should keep away from reading magazines, watching lifestyle shows, and opening pop-up advertisements on the Internet.

Sticking to a Checklist

Impulse buying is a major sin in consumerism. During mall trips, consumers must have a credible checklist for a guide. There are bargains, sales, and promos to distract the hapless consumer. Consumers often make the mistake of buying things that they do not need when they are offered attractive prices.

Leaving the ATM, Credit Card, and Checkbook at HomeĀ 

It is advisable to bring an exact amount of cash so purchases are made strictly. A little extra money can help to support price adjustments and other replacements. The extra money should stay in the pocket or it may be spent on useless purchases due to impulse buying.

When shopping, ATM cards, credit cards, and checkbooks should be left at home. One of the pitfalls of consumerism is buying on credit. It is not a good idea to carry a credit card. The temptation inside many stores is very great.

Spending within Means

Men usually have no control over their spending. Women can maintain a low daily expenditure. They keep their expenses to a minimum. When a man sees the latest gadgets and the newest car accessories, they tend to look for a way to finance their desires.

This can trigger some anger with woman and they may react by splurging on clothes, bags, shoes, and household items. The result is overspending. To prevent this from happening, couples must have a fixed schedule of expenses.

Teaching Children about the Value of Money

There is no better way to teach kids about the value of money than by practicing it. Parents should tell their children about its importance. Kids should not see their parents as extravagant spenders. One way to correct this behavior is to be a living example to kids.

These are simple ways to resist consumerism. When going to the mall, a checklist should be about everything that a person needs to buy. Sticking to it is the most effective way to avoid overspending.