In today’s society, it seems like everybody is trying to get ahead. There’s no harm in that, right? The problem in today’s world is that not everyone is doing it in a legal manner. Below are 10 everyday rip-offs (and how to avoid them).

1. College Textbooks
Are you a college student? Then you’re very likely being taken advantage of! Teachers are making premium salaries from you buying their textbooks which they usually are the authors of.How to solve this problem? Avoid this scam by buying your books online. If your teacher is the author don’t buy it. This is the worst of the 10 everyday rip-offs (and how to avoid them).2. Grocery Stores & Gas Stations

The name of the game is competition. One grocery store advertises a six pack of Pepsi for $3 dollars and the one across the street advertises it for $4 dollars. Upon the purchase of the item the customer finds out from the cashier that the sign outside hasn’t been changed and is old.

How to solve this problem? Ask to speak to the manager. Inform them it’s false advertisement and demand the price being advertised.

3. Medical & Lawyer Bills

Doctors and lawyers are routinely over pricing and over billing clients. They love to add additional administrative fees as well.

How to solve this problem? Ask in advance for a total of all services that will be rendered along with a printout signed. If charges end up being more than expected, refuse to pay and then dispute it through your credit bureau with the printout.

4. Work At Home Schemes

Many sites are advertising this online. Once a user enters their information then their bank account becomes a target of fraud.

How to solve this problem? Don’t enter your personal information on a site that is questionable!

5. False Bank Calls

Elderly have been the most victimized as of late. Fake callers have been lying and saying an account has been overcharged.

How to solve this problem? If you don’t know your banker is supposed to call simply just hang up and then report the phone number to the police as a potential fraud.

6. Fake Gift Cards

Many scams of late have involved fake gift cards for the price of cash.

How to solve this problem? Don’t buy any card from someone promising something in return on the card.

7. High Electric Bills

Has your bill been unusually high lately? Most companies have a prorated amount built into a system just in case their personnel hasn’t checked the meter.

How to solve this problem? Call and ask if it was prorated or if someone actually came by to get a true reading.

8. Movie Popcorn

Popcorn at the movies is always expensive. However, certain days of the week and times can be a lot cheaper. This is a marketing gimmick based on price and demand.

How to solve this problem? Plan your schedule to the movies around the discounted prices.

9. Free Trial Offers

Most things in life aren’t free. Those that are most of the time have something they’re hiding.

How to solve this problem? Never sign up.

10. Debt Relief Settlement Schemes

These people working at these places are providing services at charge that you could do yourself.

How to solve this problem? Don’t pay them for something you can do yourself.