Whether they travel for business or pleasure, most people these days know someone that is constantly on the go. This holiday season, get them something special to use on the road to make their lives a little easier or a bit more comfortable. If you aren’t quite sure what to get the special traveler in your life here are a couple options for comfort, and a couple options for practical reasons!

For the Comfort Traveler

There are a handful of specialty stores like SHarper Image that are constantly carrying the newest and coolest travel handy gadgets. Maybe it’s a new pair of noise canceling headphones or simply a new comfortable neck pillow. Regardless the gift, they’re sure to put it to good use on their ventures. You could also look into getting them some comfortable yet semi professional travelling clothes so they aren’t always wearing their pajamas in the airport.

For the Practical Travel

Usually practical travelers are on the go a lot, and have a routine. For many this routine can be complicated by their luggage. Get them a new bag to keep everything organized, and use it only for travel. If you have a business traveling in your life, you could consider helping them get a new briefcase to speed up security lines, or possibly improve their professional image. If they have ever expressed a desire to straighten their teeth, look into invisible braces. They are affordable and incredibly practical to fix anyones smile and are barely noticable.

For All Travelers

A travel belt or safety pack is a great item to always have on hand, whether it’s a backpacking trip around the world or a day at the zoo, travel/safety belts are simply belts with a pocket big enough for the bare essentials and necessities; money, credit card, identification and possibly your cellphone. They typically fit under your clothes to keep everything discrete. Anything that isn’t essential can be kept in a backpack or purse. This way you always have the bare essentials in case of an emergency.