Believe it or not, you can live a debt free life.  In fact, there are many individuals out there who are proud of the fact they are able to live a debt free life.  However, it is challenging, especially with the cost of things today.  Here are some tips on how to be debt free.

Pay With Cash

This may seem pretty simple, but it is really harder than it looks.  To live a debt free life, you can’t pay for something if you don’t have the money do it is.  As such, you need to carefully craft a budget so that you can have enough saved to cover your expenses.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that you have an ample emergency fund for those unexpected expenses – such as car repair or health care costs.

Living debt free means that you avoid credit lines.  Some people may use a credit card if they pay their balance in full each month, just to get the rewards.  However, to live debt free, you must pay off debt.  If you don’t, you will suddenly see yourself not meeting your debt free goals.

As such, it is best to stick to cash, or even a debit card.  You may even look for a debit card that offers rewards.  Although they are few and far between, they can help meet your debt free goals while earning a bit of rewards!

Debt Free Means Debt Free

People who live a debt free life actually are debt free – including loans.  This means no car loans, student loans, or even a mortgage.

You may think that to be impossible, but if you save diligently, and purchase items you can afford (and don’t stretch it), you can be debt free too.

Instead of car loan, save for a few years and purchase a used car.  Instead of student loans, attend a college you can afford, work while going to school, and apply to grants and scholarships you qualify for.

Finally, instead of a mortgage, you can rent until you save up enough to pay cash!  It really is possible!