Hey makeup lovers! Listen to these fantastic alternatives to your favorite makeup products. These products are cheaper than the big named brands, so lucky ladies can save a lot of money while still looking fabulous.

Clean Whipped Cream Foundation by Covergirl is a cheaper alternative to some of the most popular foundations. It looks great and comes at a price that is worth smiling over! This great buy is under $8!
Similar to leading brands such as Sephora and MAC whose foundation costs $20 – $60 for a single tube.
What’s the difference? The main appeal to leading brands is that they can be applied with only one thin layer. This Covergirl foundation might take some extra applications.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish is a great find for an even better price. This great product costs under $2 for a single bottle of nail polish. Girls that use Sinful Colors Nail Polish have long lasting, beautiful nails for a price they can afford.
Similar to Christian Louboutin Beaute’s color palettes. The more expensive brands might last longer, but Sinful Colors Nail Polish has an extensive array of colors.
What’s the difference? More expensive products have a better quality, but since Sinful Colors is so inexpensive it’s easy for the fashionable girl to have a color to match every outfit.

Elf Eye Primer is a fantastic thing to pick up and stow away. It’s significantly less expensive than any leading alternative brand and it works almost the same. With the price of Elf Eye Primer being only $1 at most stores it is a great find!
Similar to smashbox Eye Primers in color and consistency. Of course smashbox comes at a much higher price.
What’s the difference? The main difference between the cheaper Elf Eye Primer and the smashbox Eye Primer is that with Elf’s Primer it may take more of the product to do the job. It might also show creases a little easier and quicker than the leasing brand. However, this fantastic product looks similar to the leading brands and holds up well.

Mega Last Lip Color by Wet n’ Wild is a great, beautiful alternative to the leading brands of lip color. It lasts a long time, has great colors and comes in at about $2 each.
Similar to Sephora’s and MAC’s lip colors. The finish might be a little better with top brands. However, the price gives ladies more options to choose from.
What’s the difference? Wet n’ Wild Lip Color has a great selection of colors and a good finish. The finish on others might hold up a little better, but at this price no one’s complaining!

For ladies who are looking to save money and still look great there are some cheaper alternates to your favorite makeup products out there. Ladies can look good cheap!