Planning for your future cannot be a successful endeavor unless you include everything, all the way through your retirement. Unfortunately, when we think about retiring, we never seem to realize that our golden years will be upon us long before we even expect it. The other thing to consider is that retirement is not just about the day we punch our last time clock; it should take us all the way through the day we take our final breath. Before you go any further, start reconsidering your retirement, just in case you missed anything.

● The first thing for you to think about is that you should maintain your health, because just like your money, if your body is not prepared to function in the way that it should, whatever plans you made will probably be out of the window.

● If you are employed and expect to be at the same place for the duration, consult with your employer to find out whether they have any kind of pension plan in place.

● As you continue reconsidering your retirement remember to double-check all of your documents, especially the ones that apply to your estate, you will, or anything else that could be contested. The last thing you need is to reach to that point in your life and be unable to make any changes due to a medical issue.

● Choosing the right location for your retirement years requires a lot of planning, especially since once you get there the die will have been cast. Try to imagine whether you would prefer to be by yourself or with a bunch of other retirees around you.

● Start thinking about how you expect the time to pass, because there will be a lot of it. Consider learning an easy sport like golf.

● It does not hurt to make friends with new people, you never know if you will run into them.

● Keep in mind that an active lifestyle usually translates into more money, confer with your financial adviser.

● If you do not have enough money to finance your retirement, the earlier you attempt to fix it the better.

● The average retiree is a grandparent, and they usually like to spoil their grandchildren. An outing here and a gift there can add up, especially if you happen to have many grandchildren.

● You should always be thinking in terms of what your days will be like when the golden years arrive. Try to keep your mind active, because if you do not, there is a good chance that it may leave before you do.

Even with all the planning you put into it and all the financial stability you end up with, if you do not have anyone to spend your golden years with, it will not be so special after all. Always have an alternative plan in place, just in case you are the only survivor. You might consider volunteering your time at a hospital or nursing home, which would keep you in touch with other people.