In the world of business many people say that virtual meetings will eventually wholly eliminate face to face meetings. This is, on the face of it, demonstrably not true, for what of the people whom work in the same office – what then would be the point of a wireless internet video meeting? The simple answer is, none. Not only that but most business professionals consistently and overwhelmingly agree on one point, face to face, verbal contact matters. It helps improve a potential hiring agent to select whom he brings in, it aids in character judging, it brings everything to a more intimate and grounded level. That is why, here, down below we will be going over ten business deals to make face to face, not just for your image, but also for your safety.

1. Any kind of anonymous online sale.
This is probably the most obvious kind of business deal to make only on a face to face basis because you want to know what you are going to be getting. Not when it is unwrapped or taken out of it’s packaging, but before you actually make a purchase. There are many scam artists out there who take advantage of people by taking a photo of a perfectly good item but substitute it when bought with something that is either half functional or entirely broken. Sometimes you will not even receive what you think you will be buying, thus it is always important to check personally first whenever possible.

2. Business Interviews.
A business interview? What does that have to do with my safety? Financial safety is still a form of safety and with the recent recession there are few who should disagree. Showing up face to face for a business interview is not always required, more so now than ever with the progress of video chat technology, but it will never be wise to avoid it. Showing up in person shows a added dedication, like a well structured, well written resume put on nice paper. It shows you are willing to go that extra mile and that will always improve your chances. It also makes the meeting more personal, as it is always easier to hit it off when you are meeting face to face as opposed to email or video chat.

3. Car Deals.
Cars are important in our modern world that is why it is very important to know whom is selling them. Are they trust worthy, does the thing even drive? Can he show you it’s documentation? All are questions better asked and examined face to face.

4. Rented housing deals.
Once again, trust is integral to renting a apartment or other kind of domicile. The more long term the more important it is to get a landlord that is fair, reasonable and trustworthy.

5. Business meetings in general.
Just like with a job interview, showing up in person, whether you have to or not, displays a willingness to go that extra step. And that may be all it takes to impress your clients enough to seal the next deal.

6. Any business deals involving sensitive personal information.
When dealing with things like income, social security, addresses, emails and bank accounts it is highly recommended to meet in person when possible.

7. Making a contract or getting hired for oratory.
Any kind of deal that would place you as a public speaker should be made face to face so that you can show the agents you have what the job requires.

8. Executive business deals of any kind.
Whether you are the head of a small or large company, showing up in person will always inspire more confidence than the hermetically sealed pen pusher.

9. Deals involving very large amounts of money.
The more money involved in the deal, especially when you get into the tens of thousands, the higher the chance of crime. Know your business associates.

10. Any deals with disreputable people.
Whether it is the town drunk or just the guy put down at work as a weasel, meet someone before you judge them. They may surprise you.