With the still struggling economy, more and more people are being more and more careful as to how much money they spend and on what. Some parents go all out and buy their kids designer clothes to make them stand out from the rest of the students, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the less is more theory. People on a fixed income are not able to shop at the high end fashion stores for their kids back to school clothes, so they will go to second hand and thrift stores, and sometimes even garage sales in search for clothes that have enough wear in them to last through one season, if not the entire school year.

If you are not comfortable with sending your kids to school in second hand clothes, you might think ahead and look for the sales throughout the year for the following year. Depending on how fast or slow your kids grow; this might be an option for you. After the school year is well underway, chances are that the stores are going to put their back to school clothes on sale to make room for new items. You can try to take advantage of the sales if you have the room to store the clothes for the next school year. This way you can get the good deals and watch the prices when the clothes are put out at the beginning of the next school year to see just how much of a deal you actually got by buying them ahead of time when the clothes are actually on sale.

This way, the clothes will hopefully still be in fashion from the previous year, and the kids will stand less of a chance of being made fun of because sometimes kids are cruel and make fun of those who come to school obviously wearing second hand or used clothes.

There are also stores that get donations of designer clothing, and they mark the prices down to be able to fit the needs of those who can’t afford to shop in the more expensive stores. This way you can still get the brand name’s, but at reduced prices. If you know your child’s sizes, you can even go into these stores and buy the clothes and bring them home to your kids to try on without them even knowing where they came from, so that if they are questioned about the clothes at school, they can tell the person asking that they are not sure where they came from, to avoid any bullying that could possibly come from it.

The bottom line is when school shopping: sending your kids back for less is a smart choice budget wise, and nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Hopefully now that you have read this article, you will see that there are advantages of sending your child back for less, and will take advantage of how to do this and save money while still looking great!