It is no fun being unemployed. Frankly, it seems the longer you are unemployed, the longer you will be in that position. The problem is, most people may apply to jobs, but that is it. There are many other things you could be doing to get out unemployment. It will increase the chances of you getting a job, and it will make you feel better about yourself. 

Unemployment is depressing. By staying active, networking, and progressing your skills, you will stay sharp and ready to go. Plus, employers will see you as someone they would want to hire. With all there is to do while you are unemployed, being unemployed is a full time job.
The groundwork for unemployment is applying for jobs, but first you may need to take a look at your resume. It probably should be updated, and include the contributions you made to your last job. Plus, it most likely needs a new objective. Then when you are ready to apply for jobs, you should do this several times a day, every day. Most applications are online, but it does not hurt to walk in a small local office and ask about if they have any openings. These days, that might not get you a job as easily as it did a few decades ago, but it will make you feel more confident.

Confidence is a key throughout the unemployment process, because the presence of it can hinder your search and your drive. After you apply for jobs, you should always call to say thanks and ask for updates. Its effect is dependent on the size of the company, but it does not hurt to try.

At this point, no matter how confident you are, you may start getting discouraged about still being unemployed. Here, is where you can try to find part time work. This helps to keep money coming in, and it shows that you want to work. The best option to go through is a temp agency, because your positions usually last a week or two.

The rest of the advice about getting out of a rut does not involve finding a job; it involves improving yourself. For example, you can learn a new skill that applies to your prospective jobs. Even if it doesn’t, it never hurts to learn something new. Further, these new hobbies and skills can be added to your resume as if they were a job. You weren’t getting paid, but you weren’t sitting around doing nothing, either.
Also, with a little more free time, a little should be spent on exercise. Simply, it is the best thing you can do for your body and your mental state.

Unemployment is an exhausting process, but you can make it a worthwhile experience. Never let up, and look for ways to make yourself more attractive to employers. It is not just about applying to jobs; there are many aspects of your life that you will need to fine-tune if you want to stay out of an unemployment rut.