If you are struggling to pay of your debt like so many other Americans, you may be looking for a simple way to keep yourself focused. After all, trying to overcome too many things at once can make you feel overwhelmed or down on yourself. The last thing you want to do is to make it too complicated. The acronym K.I.S.S. is perfect for this situation: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Don’t complicate digging yourself out of debt when it can be simple. Here are three basic rules for getting out of debt:

1. Remind Yourself That it Takes Time

Thinking that you can get out of debt tomorrow or next month is most likely a gross exaggeration. Don’t let yourself think that it is going to be an easy fix. Getting out of debt takes time to change your lifestyle and use that extra cash to pay towards the fees and interest. By telling yourself that it will take a long time, you are preparing yourself for the worst. It will keep you from getting your hopes of being debt free too soon.

2. Paying off Debt Takes Constant Work

Digging yourself out of debt is not something that you turn on and off from one month to the next. It takes dedication and commitment. You have to be willing to stay devoted to the long term goal, otherwise a moment could ruin it all for you. Before you know it, you could be spending all of your savings on a new computer or car. While you don’t have to obsess over it ALL the time, be sure not to let yourself slip too far.

3. Getting Out of Debt Should be FUN

Don’t forget to motivate yourself to pay off debt in ways that are fun and creative. Rewarding yourself for progress made and celebrating your victories is as important as accomplishing them. Without some sense of accomplishment or celebration, it will become another chore or task that you are required to do and not something that you want to do. By keeping it fun, you increase your probability of success. Don’t let yourself lose interest in your long term goal because of it being too boring.

Overcoming debt is never easy and it always takes a personalized touch. Yet, if you follow these basic rules and apply it to your situation, you will be living debt free before you know it.

Do you struggle with saying motivated in paying off your debt?