Purchasing a home is one of the greatest achievements that many people will ever accomplish and has been widely recognized as “The American Dream” for decades. Other than a sense of accomplishment, there are many other benefits that come from owning a home. Stability, tax credits, independence, and space are all important factors for potential homeowners to consider making a move into their permanent home.¬†Of course, along with the many benefits come some less appealing considerations for homeowners. Maintenance and repair items such as lawn mowing and repainting are the responsibility of the owner rather than a landlord or property manager. There are also some unexpected aspects such as infestations and home values that can also impact a decision of whether or not to purchase a home.

Buyers want to purchase when the interest rates and home prices are low, but should not make hasty decisions that will cost them in the long run. Purchasing a home with unwanted guests can be an expensive and frustrating experience.

Insect Infestations
Most people do not like the creepy crawlies on the movie screen, let alone inside their home. Spiders, termites, water bugs, roaches, beetles, centipedes, and many other insects can find their way into dark spaces of any home. Damp basements and drafty attics are among the most common places for these creatures to gain access, but ineffective weather stripping along windows and doors can also provide a convenient entrance. Most of these unpleasant creatures are relatively harmless, although arid climates do face the risk of scorpions and other poisonous insects.

Rodent Infestations
Rodent infestations and home values have a well defined relationship. Mice, opossums, moles, and other rodents can cause the same amount of damage to a home structure as termites or even natural disasters. Unchecked infestations can lead to the presence of hundreds of unwanted animals roaming through the home, eating food, destroying wood, and leaving behind unsightly and unhealthy droppings. Over time, the nesting and breeding processes can crowd homeowners out of their own living space. Avoiding these dramatic circumstances requires that homeowners take measures to prevent or eliminate unwanted guests from taking over their home.

Preventative Maintenance
There are relatively easy ways for homeowners to protect their investment from disgusting pests such as insects and rodents. Urban areas may be more prone to insects like roaches but will also get a few mice, while rural areas are likely to get field mice and squirrels but are unlikely to see many roaches. Keeping food products out of reach and maintaining a clean home is a vital preventative approach. Keeping counter tops and floors clean and free of debris will make homesteads less appealing to infestations and home values will not be in jeopardy of rapidly falling. When exterminating procedures are required, it is best to use a professional with industry experience. They can determine the best solution and use products that are safe for household members, including pets.