Sites that want to teach you day trading are a dime a dozen. So you need to find the one that will back up their claims on day trading expertise and can allow you to practice your skills before you get to the real market, full of sharks and big firms ready to swallow you up.

Day trading is a seductive industry. Lots of people think they can make real money by hitting the market day in and day out, trading stocks left and right. They think that the short term trades mean a very low amount of risk and you don’t need the same kind of expertise as traders at the large Wall Street firms do.

But Warrior Trading is the sobering answer to all those charlatans. Check out this list of Warrior Trading reviews if you don’t believe us. The reviews all tell a similar story: day traders who got into a Warrior Trading class and benefited from the expertise and experience that they found. Beyond just the online classes, the traders can be part of Warrior daily chat room, where instructors and former students trade news bites, ideas, tips and war stories, giving people a real insight into the community and how it promotes learning and cooperation.

The men behind Warrior Trading are accomplished money makers and risk managers. That is because they have figured out workable strategies that allow them to identify stocks with real potential during the day and trade them are the right time for a maximum amount of profit. And now they want to share those strategies with anyone who is willing to learn.

But don’t think this is some get rich quick scheme. It takes hours of study to read charts properly, research the markets and learn how to search for actionable intelligence in breaking news. And that is even before you start in on paper trading. Paper trading is where you join in a simulated trading environment that mimics the real market to test your skills. Warrior Trading instructors stick to the maxim that you need to make $200 per day in profits, consistently, before you can venture out into the real market.

Studies indicate that only about 12% of day traders make money. That sounds low. But to us, that sounds like a challenge. Do you think you have what it takes? Do you have the dedication and discipline to study gap and go trading and momentum trading strategies for months before risking any real money. Then find Warrior Trading on StockTwits and join up.